Let Go

I was the kind of girl,
holding on to things too tight,
not letting go at all,
even when it didn’t feel right.

Lingering on despite the pain,
thinking it was worth my while,
didn’t want to lose anyone,
but ended up losing my smile.

Afraid to be all alone,
because loneliness would ache,
I would just not let go,
not give myself a break.

Slowly I became someone,
my heart no longer knew,
forgot my spark somewhere,
didn’t think I’d pull through.

That’s when I realized,
it was before me all this time,
these mountains I was carrying,
I was only supposed to climb.

I didn’t have to cling to those,
who weren’t worth the cost,
they did not stay for me,
just like the morning frost.

Sometimes people come to your life,
and make your life chaos,
but they will also teach you,
not everything you lose is a loss.

So let the wind in your hair,
and your glorious life flow,
it’s high time you know,
that it’s okay to let go.




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